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Here at Karlsson Global Solutions (KGS), we help small business owners capture their full potential through Salesforce optimization, Conga set-up/implementation, and business process automation.

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Who We Are

Karlsson Global Solutions (KGS) is a Ridge Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in Salesforce automation and optimization using Conga and other AppExchange Solutions for small business owners in the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Construction industries.

From eliminating risks to mitigating manual processes to setting up your account for success, our team is on standby to ensure that your Salesforce account is working for YOU— not against you.

Meet the Founder

Jeff Karlsson

Jeff Karlsson, the founder of KGS, has been in the business management sector for well over 15 years. Passionate about operational excellence, Jeff’s specialty is in process improvement through the use of advanced technology.

While working in the industry, Jeff began to realize that not every business knows how to use their CRM correctly (or effectively) — which is why he created KGS.

Now, Jeff helps small businesses from across the world set up their systems (the right way), optimize current systems for inefficiencies, and much much more.


Jeff received his Bachelor’s in Science (BS) in International Business Management from Utah Valley University. He then went on to receive his MBA in global business management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Jeff has a professional background in business management, operations, and finance by working at Fortune 500 companies like Eide Bailly, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, UPS, and other firms.

Fun Facts

Jeff holds dual citizenship in the United States and the European Union (Sweden), loves to travel the world, and has a passion for world languages!

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